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Dark Rough Stone Building Blocks

In Update of the Avatar #147, Dark Rough Stone Building Blocks 110-Pack was released. This will allow you to use your creativity to build a structure or an item to decorate your house or property with. The set includes: 10 ea: 1Wx1Hx1L Cube

Getting Hot in the Hot Tub

In Update of the Avatar #147, two more hot tub models were announced.The Ornate Tile Hot Tub and Ornate Wooden Hot Tub, both available now in the Add-On Store.

Tabletop Decorations

In Update of the Avatar #147, various Tabletop decorations were released. There are 5 items now available in the Add-On Store. Tabletop Grim Reaper Statue Tabletop Stone Dragon Statue Tabletop Skeleton 6-Pack Tabletop Oracle Statue Head Tabletop Chess Set

Skull Candles and Phonographs

In Update of the Avatar #146, several variations of Skull Candles and Phonographs were announced. Here are the variations available: Skull Candle (Craftable) Ornate Skull Candle (Add-On Store) Wooden Phonograph (Craftable) Dark Wooden Phonograph (Included in Navigator and above pledge

Umber Upright Piano and Cordovan Lute

In Update of the Avatar #145, a new Piano was announced along with a new Lute. These instruments can be played freeform using the number row (1-8). These are perfect for creating music, or in my case collecting dust in

Three Spooky Decorations

In Update of the Avatar #145, three new decorations were released. In preparation for Halloween go grab these items in the add-on store. Jack-o-Lantern 6-Pack Grim Reaper Statue Spider Web 6-Pack

Stone Crypt Decoration

In¬†Update of the Avatar #144, the Stone Crypt building was announced. This Crypt can be placed on a property along with your home. It’s available in the Add-On Store.

Building blocks aren’t just for kids

In Update of the Avatar #144, Rough Stone Building Blocks were added to the game. These blocks are cartable in-game. This will allow you to use your imagination to build structures on your property.

Puzzle Tree

In Update of the Avatar #144, the SpeedTree Autism Awareness Puzzle Tree was announced. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Autism Awareness Charity. Not only are you contributing to a great charity, but these could eventually become

Creepy Crawler Decorations

In¬†Update of the Avatar #143, Spider decorations were added to the Add-On store. There are three (3) variations of the spider pose. Unfortunately they don’t move, but I think they’re creepy enough sitting still. Spider Still¬†3-Pack Spider Aggressive¬†3-Pack Spider Attack¬†3-Pack