Introducing the House Lot Paver Calculator

I have created a new tool called the SotA House Lot Paver Calculator. This tool allows you to drag and drop various paver sizes, types, etc. onto a House Lot. It will then calculate how many sets of Pavers you will need to purchase.

Please check it out here and provide me with any feedback!

– Supports all current House Lot sizes
– Determines Paver sets based on 4 large and 8 small pavers per set
– Is aware of current prices and in-game $0 pavers
– Drag and drop UI
– Tablet / mobile friendly

Future features under consideration:
– Don’t allow overlapping pavers
– I’m hoping to obtain house footprint data from Portalarium to allow the selection of house type to place an outline on the house floor plan/footprint to place into the house lot space.


Enjoy and please send me any feedback for enhancements/changes. I also have a thread in the SotA forums here.