Introducing the Player Owned Town Calculator Tool

I’ve been working on a tool since the announcement I commented on here and in Update of the Avatar #76. There have been many threads and discussions on this, therefore I felt it would be useful to build this tool.

I’ve posted a tool to help you calculate the square footage based on choice of lot types for you’re Player Owned Town that can be purchased in the¬†Player Owned Town Store.

The tool will allow you to plug in the various lot sizes (Row, Village, Town, City, Keep, Castly), then it will calculate the total sq meters and output the size of town you will need and the cost.

I’m also working on building some templates and other tools as you plan your town. Some of this will need to wait until Portalarium releases more details on the layout of the hex/towns, NPC buildings, etc.

Enjoy and please send me any feedback for enhancements/changes. I also have a thread in the SotA forums here.

Player Owned Town Calculator