New Player Owned Town Lot Deeds

In Updated of the Avatar #172, SotA announced a new type of Lot Deed to the game: Player Owned Town Lot Deeds. These can be found in the Add-On Store.

  • To launch the program, we are adding 1000 POT Village Lot Deeds to the Add On Store and reducing the prices of all Lot Deeds to their original sale price. Furthermore, we are removing 350 Row Lot Deeds from the Add On Store and reserving them for future in-game purchase, to increase the number of in-game Lot Deeds purchasable for in-game gold.
  • POT Lot Deeds: As normal Lot Deeds sell out in-game (and in the Add On Store) Portalarium will sell limited quantities of PoT only Lot Deeds in the game (and in the Add On Store). These deeds can only be used inside Player Owned Towns. These will only be sold in the lot sizes that sell out and will be sold for the exact same price as normal lot deeds. NOTE: At this time that means we would only introduce Village sized PoT only Lot Deeds (but only in the Add On Store since lots are not currently being limited in-game). As with everything with the game, we will carefully monitor the situation and if there is ever a significant shortage of lot deeds and a surplus of land we will release more as needed.