White Stone Castle Wall

In Update of the Avatar #157, White Stone Castle Walls were announced and are available in the Add-On Store. Much like the Dark Stone Spiked Castle Wall, these walls are designed for any size lot from a Village or larger, however these look like the walls built for the Duke Keep lot. Each set will contain the following pieces:

  • 5 ea straight walls
  • 4 ea corner walls
  • 2 ea corner tower walls
  • 2 ea straight tower walls
  • 1 ea short gated wall
  • 1 ea long gated wall

Below are the wall segments you can use to fill various lot sizes:

  • Town: 1 ea short gate, 4 ea corners, 5 ea straights
  • City: 1 ea long gate, 4 ea corners, 10 ea straights
  • Keep: 1 ea long gate, 4 ea corners, 18 ea straights
  • Castle: 1 ea long gate, 4 ea corners, 30 ea straights